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hey guys josh zamora here and in this case study and demo video i’m gonna be sharing with you the most powerful way for you to get your niche sites and videos on the first page of google and youtube so you can capitalize on the best kind of traffic you can ever get which is search traffic there’s no traffic source on the internet that is better than someone going to google or youtube typing in a keyword and landing on your content there’s nothing more powerful than that and i’m also going to share with you how my proven 301 web app gets you those fast page one rankings that stick for the long term via the power of quality and fully automatic social syndication to over 25 authority sites and it works for any niche any location any language and it doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience or not we’ve simplified the entire process of getting free traffic from google and youtube our platform comes built in with automated account creation with no proxies or captures needed automated content generation for any niche any keyword or any industry automated social syndication for any url you want traffic for to over 25 authority sites and much much more you’re getting three quality platforms packed into one amazing offer for maximum page one domination but before i jump into this case study and demo video i’m gonna be showing you just a few of my own results from multiple different scenarios so you can truly see that you can use our platform to get traffic for anything you’re doing online plus either on this page or on the order page you’re gonna see a ton of real testimonials from actual users that have been getting some incredible results with our platform over the years you’re going to be able to see gabriel’s video and see how he’s ranked over 70 videos and counting uh you’re going to be able to see david’s video and you’re going to be able to see randy’s video as well who’s going to show how he ranked just one piece of content with one set of social syndication uh on the first page of google he actually shows that in his video plus we’re gonna have a ton of other real testimonials that you’ll be able to see on either this page or the order page okay so again before i jump into the the demo video uh let me quickly just show you a few of the rankings that i’ve been able to get uh recently and uh in the past so you can see that this truly works for every type of scenario that you’re looking to go after okay if you want to get more traffic from google and youtube you are watching the right video and you’re on the right page uh so this is a brand new campaign that i just put up you can see five hours ago and i was able to skyrocket to the first uh spot here for this video and this is a launch jack campaign uh here is another uh launch jack uh video that i ranked a couple of months ago and this is actually for a high ticket product that pays me over 300 uh per sale plus a recurring uh fee as well of about 20 to 30 per month uh with this offer okay and this is actually an evergreen high ticket offer so i’ll be making sales for this for a quite a long time uh here is a campaign that i actually ranked back in 2016 and it’s still ranking to this day uh this is for a very particular set of lures uh in the fishing niche that target a very specific type of fish and it is a high ticket product as well uh here is uh some local rankings in the spanish niche for the city that i live in which is miami uh so this is uh translated into english pretty much the best pediatrician in miami okay so this is targeting parents that are looking for pediatricians and you can see my video ranking here on the first page of google okay and here is another variation of that keyword same thing pretty much uh a spanish keyword for uh people here in miami and miami does is mostly a spanish-speaking city uh so you can see here in different variations targeting a specific zip code and you can see the local rankings here and then boom my video ranking right there and this is actually this is not even a video okay this is a live event uh which is another powerful strategy that you can use in conjunction with social syndication to get some quick rankings and you can see there my video ranking just below the local uh pack local three pack as they call it uh and here is uh yet another set of local rankings uh for a very ugly niche site it’s pretty much an ugly demo niche site that i put together so i put very little effort into it and you can see here uh i have two page one rankings for this uh particular niche site and if i change it to let’s do orlando this uh site is actually dominating in multiple different cities multiple different zip codes all across florida and you can see here it goes again two page one rankings uh and again for just about every city and every zip code in from mid florida to south florida this site is ranking and again very ugly site uh put very little effort into it and it’s just the power of social syndication that has not only allowed me to rank uh get these rankings uh quickly but for the long term okay so let’s go ahead and now switch over to the demo video so i can show you exactly how easy and how simple it’s going to be for you to be able to get these kind of results as well all right guys let’s go ahead and jump right into this and let me show you how simple it’s going to be for you to come in here and start dominating the first page of google and youtube by leveraging the power of fully automated social syndication okay and we have simplified this into three simple steps so that absolutely anyone regardless of experience can start using this to rank their content on google and youtube and whether it’s your content or your clients content okay and in this video i’m gonna walk you through the three steps that we have created that anyone can follow to accomplish those results that i just shared with you earlier in the video okay and again we’ve broken it down into three simple steps and i’m gonna walk you through each one of those here in this video the first step is our automatic account creator which will automatically create your account without you having to um pay for any proxies or any captchas we take care of that for you in the background i’m also going to walk you through synlab which is where your automatic content generation is going to happen and also your automatic content syndication is going to happen as well okay because our content engine is already built into synlab uh so let me go ahead and walk you through how simple this is gonna be okay so inside of sync creator uh to create a new batch of accounts all you have to do is come up here and hit the plus sign and we’ve broken it down into five simple steps okay and literally all you have to do is just fill out the boxes check some boxes and you’re good to go so the first step is to name the account so depending on whether you are using this for yourself for your clients for different niches whatever it may be uh that’s what you are going to name here okay so let’s say that i’m using this for an attorney i’m gonna go ahead and name this attorney joe all right so i’m gonna go ahead and click next uh the next step is to select the sites that you want sync creator to create account on for you and we’ve broken it down into the different types so we have blog sites in here we have bookmarking sites in here we have pdf sites photo sites social sites and video sites okay so you can see we have a great variety of uh different type of sites so that you can get a good variety of syndication which is what google likes okay so for the purpose of this demo video i’m just gonna go ahead and select all of the bookmarking sites uh and let’s just say that i’m gonna be running a social bookmarking campaign i’m gonna go ahead and click next and then the next step is to create a profile or load a previously saved profile if it’s your first time running a campaign you’re obviously not going to have any saved profiles in here i do so i’m going to go ahead and load one of these that i have okay and if you obviously if you don’t have any then you’re just going to fill out these boxes here so that sync creator knows what to use when it’s out there creating the accounts for you and here’s where you select the option to save it so that you can use it later on if you’re going to be creating more accounts with that profile from that point i’m going to go ahead and click next and now i’m going to go ahead and input the mail settings okay now the mail settings is what’s going to be used to actually create the accounts okay because you do need an email account for uh sync creator to go ahead and create these for you okay we are working on an update where uh you won’t have to input this at all and we’re gonna take care of this for you as well uh but for now you do have to input this and it’s literally just filling out these four boxes and if you’re gonna be using gmail uh then we do have instructions right here that walk you through exactly how to find the information that we are asking for right so that has been uh inputted there and again here is where you can save that account to be used in the future uh because if you remember i’m only going to be doing bookmarking sites so if later on in the future i want to use this same mail information for other types of sites i can go ahead and save it and it’ll be here as one of the saved accounts that i can use in the future and you can see everything is looking good so i can go ahead and hit next and now is where you enter your syn lab details so that once sync creator is done creating the accounts it’s going to automatically send it to your synlab account so you can start syndicating to those accounts right away i’m going to go ahead and load a saved profile that i have okay and here uh you can also select it to be select for your account to be put into a specific group that you already have in your account if you want to do that uh instead okay and again you can always save this account uh for future use if you if you’re gonna be using multiple syn lab accounts and then from this point all you have to do is click start and sync creator is gonna get to work and start creating accounts on these different sites for you and as it progresses it’s gonna share with you what’s going on okay uh so if it’s waiting if it’s processing if there’s a verification error for some reason because some sites may require a manual verification if there’s some type of error or if there was a success okay so once this is done it’s going to be again automatically sent to your sendlab account okay so once that’s done you’re going to come inside of synlab and start creating a campaigns that you can go ahead and syndicate to okay and creating a campaign in synlab is just as easy as creating a campaign inside of sync creator so i’m not gonna show you the accounts or the accounts group uh in this video because again synth creator takes care of that for you so i’m going to jump directly into the campaigns tab uh but before i actually do that one thing i want to show you as well you will be able to download your created account as well so you can use sync creator just to create accounts and you can even sell these accounts or you can use them on different pro different platforms or whatever it may be once the accounts are created you can use them however you like and click this button to download them okay so let me go back to synlab and to create a campaign i’m going to come here click add campaign i’m going to go ahead and name this demo video i’m going to select accounts group i’m going to go ahead and use this one which is one of the accounts that i had previously i’m not going to drip feed any of this but you do have the option to drip feed by day by total days or by a limit of weeks okay i’m going to go ahead and click create click ok and now here is where you’re going to enter the content that’s going to be used for the uh url that you’re going to be syndicating okay so if i click this plus sign here okay normally uh you would have to write this out manually okay the social editor which is the content that’s going to go out with on to your social sites the blog editor which is the content that’s going to go out to your blogging sites and the bookmarking editor which which is going to go out to the bookmarking site okay now these are the the three types of sites that are inside of this particular group okay you can see that i create a social and blog sites on here um but you can see here we have a content generator okay and all you have to do is select the niche that you want content for and you can see we have tons of niches we’re going to have just about every niche that you can think of in here i’m going to go ahead and roll up here and just put affiliate marketing and then from here you have three options you can choose none which is going to return a full article with no modifications you can use paragraph which is going to take random paragraphs from different articles and mix them together to form a new article and then you’re going to be able to do it by sentence which is going to take random sentences from different articles and mix them together to form a new article so obviously the the deeper into this you go the more unique that article is going to continue to get so i’m going to go ahead and click by sentence and then here you can see this is the social generator so i’m going to click generate and you can see not only does it bring back a uh content but it also brings back a relevant image i’m gonna go ahead and click generate for the blog section as well and you can see it loaded up some nice content there with a relevant video and a relevant image and for the bookmarking sites i’m going to go ahead and do the same thing and you can see it loaded up a relevant content and a relevant image and then all you have to do is click save content and you can see it was automatically populated into each of these boxes so literally i have done no manual work but just filling out boxes filling out information and letting syn lab instant creator do everything for me okay now from this point obviously here in the social editor you’re going to want to input the link that you want to go out so this is pretty much the url that you are trying to rank so you definitely want to be adding that same with the blog editor you’re going to want to make sure that you are adding your backlinks so that you can get that with your content and here you want to make sure that if you’re trying to rank a video that you uh that you replace uh the video embed code with your actual video embed code if you are wanting to get both uh backlinks to a niche site and embeds to a video and using the video embed option is very powerful to ranking videos as well so again this is something that was generated automatically but if you do have a relevant video that you want to rank you want to make sure you have that in here and under the bookmarking you also want to make sure that you have your url right there which is the url that you want to get traffic for and that is it from this point forward you can either preview it or you can just go ahead and click save and synlab is going to automatically start syndicating that uh content with your money sites right away and you can see here campaign in progress and from there you’re good to go we have now created a campaign from start to finish uh sync creator is creating the accounts it sent them to sin lab and then i went ahead and created a campaign added content to it and set my settings for it to start going out okay literally it’s that simple to come in here and start using centrio to dominate the first page of google and youtube completely hands-free you can see there is nothing that i showed you in this video that you can’t do all you have to do is come into sync creator fill out those boxes once those campaigns are created and sent to synlab you create your campaign you select that group of accounts that was just created and then from there you load the content and then you hit save and that information gets sent out so that’s it go ahead and click the button below to go ahead and pick up your account of sentrio

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