TubeSiphon – What’s The Fuss About? Review & Demo & The Cons

As of now, more than 1,000 customers bought the latest Glynn Kosky’s product called TubeSiphon (PRO). So what is this product all about? Read on if you want to face the truth.

Basically it’s a software that will allow you to build some cool looking websites full of selected YouTube videos. Nothing new here… but these sites are easy to build and of course you can and you should add your own monetization links all over the site!

As always, when I was doing my research prior to this review of my own, I found no serious cons of using this system, only hyped up promises. No surprise.

First, let me start by telling you and showing you how TubeSiphon’s member’s area looks like:


The interface is quite simple and you should have no problems following the setup of your campaigns and the selection of your videos… but there’s a video training included, so no worries! Thumbs up!

You would need your own YouTube API keys, there’s a screenshot of what you need to get them, it’s easy to follow – plus obtaining them is quick.

There are some useful settings inside the campaigns, site settings, logo settings, banner and advertising settings… basically all the stuff you can change and use to monetize your site. Thumbs up!

Watch this TubeSiphon demo to understand how it works:

Here’s where to get TubeSiphon!

I’ve been playing with Tubesiphon just a few minutes and created this “site” just to show you what’s possible…


It’s looking good and the process was very easy. You can create more of such “sites” for different niches not only “make money online”…

If you’d like to see the site and click the links that I customized, feel free to go here: Marian’s Make Money Online Videos (it opens in a new tab).

It’s nice and clean, don’t you agree? 🙂

If I invest more time into it, it would be even better! I also added a product in the shop, you may want to check it out – ’cause it’s free! Thumbs up!

Here’s where to get TubeSiphon!

Now to the issues I have with this software. The embed code was not working correctly… I had  to manually change it a bit.. No big issue! I’ll let you know how I changed it to make it work correctly.. just comment or contact me.

Again, you won’t find these “complaints” in other TubeSiphon reviews 😉 The most of the marketers are just for their commissions…. sad but very true!

The only big disadvantage of using TubeSiphon is that you rely on their domain where it runs! So once they have issues with, for example, renewing it  – your “sites” will NOT be up… so bear that in mind…

But to turn this disadvantage into advantage: you don’t have to invest into your own web hosting and a domain – ’cause they run it for you! This is good especially for newbies!!

So that’s it! Congratulations, you’ve come this far. 🙂

Here’s where to get TubeSiphon!

(the sales page looks a bit hyped up though 😉 )

My Bonus:

Creating or siphoning YouTube videos is one thing, but how can you get traffic to the sites? Grab the TubeSiphon through and I’ll show you some good ways to get it & to earn from the videos you publish! Just forward your receipt to: support @

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